Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

     We had a great Easter weekend!  It was so fun this year with Adilynne.  She was old enough this year to do some egg hunts and was excited for her Easter basket.  
Pure joy!  We had an egg hunt in our yard Friday afternoon.  We were surprised at how well she stuck with it.  She found every egg and still wanted more.
All her treasures.
 On Saturday morning our ward had a potluck Easter breakfast and an egg hunt.  Adilynne was excited but was distracted by all the other kids. 
 She filled up her basket again!
Saturday afternoon we colored Easter eggs.  When I say "we" colored Easter eggs I mean David and I.  We let Adilynne color on the eggs first with the wax crayon.
 Easter dress!

 She was so excited when she saw her Easter basket.  The Easter Bunny may have over done it with her basket this year!
 Enjoying the outdoors with no rain!


  1. So cute... but she sure is growing up too fast. Glad you had a good Easter but we sure miss all of you. Love you lots. XOXOXOXO