Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tai Pan

     So, I started another new job last week.  I'm getting kind of tired of starting new jobs but it keeps things interesting.  My current job is at Tai Pan as a cashier.  My interview was an interesting experience.  They called me to schedule an interview and luckily my day off of school was the next day.  I went in for the interview and about 5 minutes later they asked me if I could start the next day.  Wow, that was easy!  I was only in the office with the managers for a total of 10-15 minutes and that was mostly just me asking them questions about the job.
     I have only worked 3 days so far but I have really enjoyed it.  I worked 11:00-7:30 last Saturday and it was crazy busy ALL day long.  It never slowed down.  I've heard that black Firday is crazy from some of the other cashiers that worked at Tai Pan last holiday season.  I'm not really looking forward to this Friday and Saturday because I have to work 11:00-9:30 both days.  I hope the time goes fast.