Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

Tonight we carved Adilynne's first pumpkin. 
 Adilynne can sit in her Bumbo chair now!
She didn't like sitting in the pumpkin.  Can't blame her!

Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Months Old

    Adilynne is 3 months old!  She is getting so big and learning so much.  I love to watch her as she watches different things closely and tries to figure out what is going on.  She smiles so much now.  It brightens my day to see her smile and be happy.  She is also starting to talk quite a bit to us.  We can sit down on the floor with her and have a "conversation" with her.  She is getting stronger and can hold her head up good by herself now. 

Good Morning!

     Last week I walked into Adilynne's room in the morning and this is how I found her.  It made me laugh!
She likes to sleep in a Swaddle blanket then I put two blankets over her.  She managed to wiggle one arm out of the Swaddle blanket and got her other shoulder out of her pajamas.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jazz Game!

     Saturday night David and I were able to go to a pre-season Jazz game.  A few weeks ago, David's work did a job for the Jazz and instead of being paid, they traded for tickets.  Everyone in the Ogden branch got 2 free Jazz tickets.  They were good seats too...row 25!  We were really excited to go but as the day got closer we starting having a hard time when we thought about leaving Adilynne for a few hours.  We decided it would be good to get out and do something fun so David's mom watched Adilynne for us.  Before we dropped Adilynne off at Grandma's, we ran some errands and went out to eat.  Adilynne was great at the restaurant and just slept peacefully.  After dinner we dropped Adilynne off and headed to the Front Runner station.  We got to the game and after about five minutes we looked at each other and said, "Let's go home!"  We stayed for the whole game but we realized how much our little Adi really has changed our lives.  Instead of being out on a hot date we would rather be home playing with the baby.  Here are the two pictures we took while at the game.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adilynne's Blessing Day

     On Sunday, October 14, 2012 Adilynne was blessed by David.  What a busy day!  I'm glad our church wasn't until 1:00.  It would have been really rough if we would have had the 9:00 time.  We left our house at about 12:35 to go over to the church and save some benches.  I had decided that I would feed Adilynne a bottle when we got there and get her changed into her dress, all before the meeting started at 1:00.  She usually finishes her bottle in about 15-20 minutes but of course, since we needed to hurry, she was eating slow slow slow!  Five minutes before the meeting started I decided we better get her in her dress and then let her finish her bottle.  Even though she had only eaten half of her bottle she was happy.  We were hoping she would stay that way during her blessing but that didn't happen.  As soon as I handed her to David she started crying.  David took her binkie with him but put it in his pocket!  I don't know why he didn't just put it in her mouth since she was already crying.  David had a hard time concentrating during the blessing with Adilynne crying and screaming but he did a great job.  After the meeting our families came over to our house for a little get-to-together.  It was fun to visit with everyone. 
Adilynne Anne Evans
 Grandpa and Grandma Evans, David, Adilynne, Whitnee, Grandma and Grandpa Olsen
Uncle Riley!
David, Adilynne, Whitnee
 Grandma Olsen, Adilynne, Grandpa Olsen
Grandma Evans, Adilynne, Grandpa Evans