Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Weekend at the Cabin

This past weekend, July 16th and 17th, David and I went to the cabin. We were able to take my brother, Riley, with us. I didn't get a chance to take very many pictures on this trip but it was full of adventure and crazy happenings!!!
My little bro, Riley!
We didn't get to the cabin until about 9:30 Friday night. We hung out for a little while and played a few card games and went to bed. Very little excitement happened Friday. Saturday was the day for pain and stories.

We started Saturday morning off with a scrumptuous and VERY healthy (not) breakfast of scrambled eggs with spam on croissants. YUMMY!!!! We headed out for a ride on the motorcycles. It turned out to be a 4 1/2 hour ride with a few painful moments for me. This year has not been my year for motorcyle riding!

Everything was going good and we were having a good time. Then, I went through a puddle in the middle of the trail that apparently had a lot of sand in the bottom of it. So instead of going straight through the puddle the sand pulled my motorcycle to the right. Well, there just happened to be a huge pine tree there on the right. Now, remember, the finger that I smashed and broke in Moab just two months ago was on my right hand. The large pine tree and my broken, smashed finger met. OUCH!!! It didn't feel very good. Now I have a gross, ugly, blood blister under my new nail that is growing out. Hopefully the new nail won't fall off too.

Once most of the pain went away from my finger we were on the trail again. We rode for a little while and came to a spot in the trail where a stream runs across the trail. Someone thought they would help everyone out by putting small tree trunks across part of the stream to cross over on. Why? The stream was only about two feet across and four inches deep. Anyways, the wood was very slippery and covered with moss so when I tried to cross over it my back tire slipped and I hyperextended my left knee. OUCH again! By this time I had TBS (Tired Butt Syndrome) and I was ready to be done riding for a few hours but we were still miles away from the cabin. So again I got back on my motorcycle and started riding.

When we got back to the cabin we made lunch and relaxed for a little bit. We decided we would take the dogs for a run and go to a river that they could play in. I got on the back of David's motorcycle with him so I could carry Josie when she got tired of running. Sammy was so excited to go. She loves to chase the motorcycles. I think Josie really enjoyed it too. She ran a lot longer and faster than I thought she would with her little legs. When Josie got tired of running we picked her up and I held her while we went the rest of the way to the river.

Once we got to the river David decided that he was going to cross it...with me and Josie on the back. You might be thinking, "Whats wrong with crossing the river with a passenger and a small dog on the back?" Well, the part of the river David was going to cross was about 3 feet deep with a strong current. That didn't go so well. We're not really sure what happened but we ended up in the river with the motorcycle on its side. (You aren't suppossed to take motorcycles swimming.) Here's the funny part about this whole situation...I was wearing the backpack with our new camera, the GPS, and David's new phone in it, and we are in the river...I'm trying to get up but one of the straps on the backpack was caught on the back fender of the motorcycle...my right leg was on top of David's right leg keeping him down in the water...therefore he wasn't able to hurry and get the motorcycle out of the water...and I'm trying to keep Josie's head out of the water.

Oh man, I wish I had a video recording of this. We really weren't in the water for very long but the sequence of events to get up is quite funny now that we think about it. Riley hurried off of his motorcycle and helped David push his motorcycle to the other side of the river. Meanwhile, Sammy is playing in the river, having a great time. Good thing someone was having fun!

David took out his air filter and found it sopping wet. NOT GOOD! We sat there for a while and David decided to try and start it. Nothing...he couldn't even get the kick starter to move at all. Riley let David take his motorcycle back to the cabin to get the 4-Runner and trailer. While David was gone Riley and I were trying to keep the dogs entertained and within sight. David finally returned and we loaded his motorcycle and everything and headed back to the cabin. Good thing it was the end of the day.

We didn't get home until about 10:00 Saturday night. As soon as David got his motorcycle off the trailer he went to work to get the water out of it. He was up until about 1:00 am getting water out. Sunday afternoon he decided to hook the motorcycle to the back of the 4-Runner and have me pull him down the road. Finally we got enough water out of the motorcycle engine and the engine got warm enough that it started! It ended up not being an expensive fix that we were fearing it would be. We are so grateful for that.

By the way, the camera, GPS, and phone all ended up being ok also. Thank goodness!