Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Park City 8/20/11

     This past weekend was our last weekend before school started again for the year.  David and I knew that we wanted to do something fun and something that we haven't done before.  We have been wanting to go up to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide and Alpine Coaster and to shop and hang out.  We finally did it!  Bryce and Audrey came up with us and we had a blast. 
 Whitnee, David, Bryce, and Audrey.  Riding the chair lift up to the Alpine Slide. 
David and Bryce
 Audrey and Whitnee
 The Alpine Coaster.  This was SO much fun!  I wish it wasn't so much money to do because we would have gone on it ten more times. 
Bryce and Audrey sitting in the Alpine Coaster car. 
 Riding the Alpine Coaster to the top. 
The scenic view from the Alpine Coaster.

     After we did all our playing we headed to the outlet mall.  I hadn't been shopping at the outlet mall for probably 6 years.  Before we left home I got on the outlet mall website and found some awesome coupons for some of the different stores.  The best coupon was 30% off entire purchase from the GAP Outlet.  I was so excited for this one.  I found a hoodie that was normally $40 but was marked down to 60% off, plus I had my 30% off coupon.  So, I got a $40 hoodie for only $11.20!  I also found a really cute cardigan that was $40, marked 30% off, plus my 30% off coupon.  I got that for $19.60.  David also found some pants and shirts at different stores for really good prices.  It's worth the drive up there if you can find coupons on the internet plus use their sale prices.  After we left Park City we went back to Bryce and Audrey's place and watched a movie and ate pizza and breadsticks.  It was a great day. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camping-July 22-24

     I just downloaded the pictures that were on my camera and I found pictures from a camping trip that we went on in July.  I forgot I had them.  The day we got home from girls camp we hurried and unloaded everything, cleaned the tent, got showered and packed to go camping again.  It was a lot of fun.  We met my parents and Riley up in Old Canyon by Randolph.  It was beautiful up there.  The downside was all the mosquitos.  There were tons and tons.  I don't ever remember being somewhere with so many mosquitos.  We were putting bug spray on about every hour.
     David and I were just planning on sleeping in the tent so that all our stuff wasn't in the way in the trailer.  My mom was worried about us being outside in the tent because of bears and I was a little nervous too but I just thought it would be too much of a hassle every morning to take apart our beds and then have to set them back up again at night if we slept in the trailer.  The dogs were in their kennel on our motorcycle trailer about 50 feet away from our tent.  We went to bed Friday night and the wind was blowing a little bit and pine needles and little things kept falling on our tent, Josie kept barking like something was outside our tent, and I thought I could hear a little critter walking around the tent.  I was working myself up and getting more and more nervous about being outside for the night.  I finally fell asleep.  A few hours later I woke up to Josie barking again.  I wasn't too worried about Josie barking because she barks when nothing is really there.  The thing that really woke me us was when Sammy starting growling and barking.  Then we knew that something was out there.  David sat up in bed just about as fast as I did.  I could see that my parents had flashlights outside the trailer and David opened the tent door and was looking outside too.  We could hear something walking and breaking twigs and stuff down the street from our camp.  I was pretty freaked out.  Luckily we survived.  David thinks that it was probably an elk just passing through.  I sure hope it was only an elk.  We survived the rest of the weekend without any more near death experiences.  :)
The big lap dog.  Sammy loves to go camping because she knows David will let her sit on his lap. 
 Josie didn't want to miss out on the fun of sitting on David's lap. 
 Riley...He keeps things lively.
 It was extremely dusty.  We all came back from our motorcycle rides looking like this. 
Relaxing and playing a game. 
 This view was just up the road from where we camped. 
 What are they doing?  ;-) 
 Whitnee, David, Sammy, and Josie
Let's Ride!!!  Whitnee, David, Dad, Mom, and Riley