Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt

     It's tradition in my family to go to the mountains every year after Thanksgiving and cut down our own Christmas tree.  This was the first year in 22 years that I have gone that was unsucessful.  When we were driving out of Evanston there was a sign that said the road was closed 30 miles ahead.  We were pretty sure that was where we needed to go to get to the area where we usually hunt for our tree.  When we got to the Bear River Service to buy the passes we found out we couldn't get down the road that we usually go to get our trees.  The rangers were sending everyone up another road but warned that a lot of people had been getting stuck.  They said we could hike in but it was at least a 2 mile hike to get to an area that you could cut down a tree.  My dad and Mr. Green decided it wasn't worth the risk of getting stuck or trying to hike 2 miles in snow up to your knees.  Instead we decided to try and get to the cabin and roast hot dogs there.  Down the road we went to the gate for the cabin.  Unfortunately we couldn't get to the cabin either.  So once again we had to turn around.  We decided to go back to Evanston and get something to eat.   
Here is the 2010 Christmas Tree Hunt picture.  Outside the Evanston Subway.  We'll never forget this Christmas tree hunt. 

David, Sammy, and Josie
     When we finished eating we decided that we would stop in Mountain Green where they have a place that you can cut your own tree down.  David and I found the perfect tree but it was quite a bit more expensive than if we would have been able to cut one down in the Uintas.  We decided that it would be cheaper to get that one than buy one from a Christmas tree lot or buy an artificial one.  We drove almost 250 miles and ended up getting a tree that was only about 25 miles from home.  This was an expensive Christmas tree hunt this year but one we will always remember. 

Fun in the Fall Leaves


Sammy frantically searching for her tennis ball

Jo Beans swimming through the leaves

Thinking of her next sneaky way to escape from the yard

David and Sammy

Sammy playing with her favorite toy-the tennis ball.  She will
play fetch for hours if you will play with her.