Monday, February 25, 2013

Adventures of Moving to Washington

     We are finally pretty settled in to our new house in Washington.  Here is the story of our move...

      David got a job offer from Genie in Redmond at the beginning of December and on graduation day, December 14, we accepted the offer.  His start date was January 28 so we didn’t have a lot of time to do all the holiday celebrations, pack and find housing, but we made it all work.  We decided to use ABF Trucking to move all of our stuff.  They dropped off a semi-trailer in our driveway on January 17 and we had the weekend to load everything.  On Saturday the 19 we had family and some friends come and help us load the trailer.  It was sad to see our first house empty.  It was a fun house and we made a lot of memories there.  We always thought we would be there for another 4 or 5 years.  Life changes plans quickly.  We spent the next few days running around like chickens with our heads cut off as we finished packing, loading, cleaning and getting everything together to move.  Monday evening ABF picked up the trailer and it was supposed to be on the road to Washington Tuesday.
     We hit the road on Wednesday morning for our long 13 hour drive. David, Adilynne and I, plus the 2 dogs were in the 4-Runner towing the trailer with everything we couldn’t fit on the semi-trailer and my parents were driving the Accord with more of our stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff you have once you start packing and loading it all. We stopped every 4 to 5 hours to feed Adilynne and get gas. On Wednesday we made it to Pendleton, Oregon and spent the night. As we were coming out of the mountains into Pendleton we drove through some of the thickest fog I think I have ever seen. It was dark and David said the only thing that was keeping him in his lane was the guardrail on the left side that he could barely see. I was glad to get out of that.
     Thursday morning we were back on the road to complete our journey. We made it to Monroe at about 3:00. We were planning on the ABF trailer being delivered to our new house Thursday afternoon or sometime Friday but we got bad news when we called Thursday morning to schedule the delivery. They told us that the trailer wouldn’t be delivered until Monday. We were pretty frustrated since we wouldn’t have our stuff all weekend and since my parents had drove up with us to help unload the trailer and now they would be gone when the trailer did get there. When David called back to see what happened and if they could expedite delivery we found out that the trailer was still sitting in Salt Lake and that it had been delayed because of an ice storm. We were really frustrated then because we had just drove through an ice storm that morning and made it fine. Later that day my mom talked to her brother and we found out that there really was an ice storm in Utah but the trailer should have left before then so we were still frustrated. We spent the weekend cleaning the house and getting ready and doing what we could to be ready when the trailer was delivered Monday. 
 This was our bed for 4 nights. Not too comfy. Adilynne loved sleeping on the floor with mom and dad. We were glad we put the sleeping bags in the car with us and not on the moving trailer. We were most excited about getting our bed off the trailer Monday.
We finally got our stuff Monday morning!
     David was at work when the trailer was delivered so the driver was nice enough to take down the bulk head for me so I could get the vacuum and a few other things out of the trailer. I spent Monday afternoon vacuuming the house and putting away the boxes that were in the back of the trailer. Monday night some members of the Elder’s Quorum came and helped us unload everything. It was weird having to depend on people that we didn’t know to move everything. We are so used to having family close and willing to help. We were very grateful that the Elder’s Quorum was willing to come help us out.
     Here are some pictures of our new house. We are really liking it.
The house is on 3/4 of an acre and a lot of it is just trees and bushes.  We have a lot of wild blackberry and raspberry bushes so I'm super excited to have those to pick and eat. YUM!

Master Bedroom
Adilynne's Bedroom
Office/Craft Room
Family Room
 Family Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen
 Dining Room

Thursday, February 21, 2013

7 Months!

Adilynne is 7 months old! So is getting so big and grown up. I can’t believe how much she learns and changes in one month. She has adjusted really good to the time change and a new house, which we are so grateful for.

She sat up by herself for the first time a few weeks ago. I love seeing her sit and discover new things. 
I love this picture. Being silly. 
 She feels like such a big girl sitting up to play with her toys.
Pretty girl!

She is about 17 pounds and has the cutest rolls on her thighs.  Sometimes I just let her play with no pants on so I can see her cute leg rolls.

She is getting such a fun personality. She loves to talk. David and I can have a “conversation” with her.

She rolls ALL OVER the place. She can roll to her right and left now. We love watching her roll in the family room because she knows with the hardwood floor that she has to roll from her belly to her back slowly so she doesn’t hurt her head but then she rolls from her back to her belly super quick and she will do that all the way into the dining room.

She is starting to army crawl to get to something that she wants to play with.

She has decided that she doesn’t like sleeping in her swaddle blanket anymore. One night she wiggled all the way out of it and slept on her belly and ever since then she won’t let me put her in it.

The past two days she hasn’t really taken any naps. I’m kind of getting worried that she won’t be a good napper anymore. She is perfectly content lying in her crib talking to herself for 2 hours though so I just leave her there and do my thing.

I have been calling her a fish-out-of-water lately because she’ll just be sitting or lying on the floor and open and close her mouth over and over again. I don’t know if it’s part of teething but I get a kick out of it.

She is doing really good with baby food. I made squash for her a few weeks ago and she was not a big fan of that. We are mean parents but we got a kick out of all the faces and noises she would make with each spoonful that we put in her mouth. We have been giving her a little bit more of it each night and the past two nights she has eaten a whole container of it without any faces or gaging.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


     This afternoon we spent a few hours exploring our new location.  On Friday we met with our insurance lady and she told us a few things in Lynnwood that are neat to see.  There is a mall there so we headed there first.  It is a big mall!  It is nice to know where a mall is.  :)  (David was super excited when the insurance lady told me where it was...not).  Next we saw a park on David's GPS that sounded neat so we headed there.  It was called Stamm Overlook Park.  We were a little disappointed when we got there.  It was just two park benches but it was a pretty cool view. 
     Next we headed south down the coast and found a ferry terminal.  We happened to get there right as a ferry was coming in.  
     Sometime when we have more time and it is a little warmer we are planning on riding the ferry and finding out what is on the other side.
    Adilynne riding a wooden Orca.  Adilynne loved being on the beach and seeing everything.  Every time the breeze would blow it would take her breath away and she would giggle.