Sunday, May 20, 2012

30 Weeks 5 Days

     I have made it to the 30 week mark!  I can't believe we have just over 9 weeks until our little addition is due.  We are getting really excited to become parents.  My love for the little baby inside of me grows each day.  We can't wait to meet her!  We wonder about who's eyes, nose, mouth, and ears she will have.  Will she have straight or curly hair and what color?  Our families have a little bit of every hair color and texture so we aren't sure what to expect.  I'm sure she will be adorable no matter who's facial features and hair she has.
     I finally look like I really am pregnant.  I'm starting to get uncomfortable and I have to change positions a lot.  It seems like she almost always has her feet in my right front rib or she is pushing on something that pushes against the back of my lower right ribs.  It really doesn't feel very good.
     The past few weeks we have been working on getting the nursery ready.  It has been a big project.  That was the only room that was not refinished before we bought the house.  The whole room (ceiling, closet, trim, walls) were all painted an ugly peach/pink color with ugly old blinds.  We have finished painting the ceiling white and the walls a light cream color.  It is so relaxing to go into that room now.  We should have painted it a long time ago.  We just have to finish painting the trim white this week and do some areas of touch-up.  I will be so glad when this paint project is over!  The next big thing to do in the nursery is change one of the windows that wasn't replaced when the rest in the house were.  I'm so excited to get the crib and dresser moved into the room and start decorating.