Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Much Needed Update

So my goal of trying to post at least once a week isn't happening. My life has been consumed with one thing, Girls Camp. Last November I was called as the Girls Camp Director for our ward and you would think that would give me plenty of time to get everything done. Well I kind of... maybe, procrastinated a little on a few things so the past month has been nothing but girls camp preparation. I have loved this calling but I'm excited for girls camp to come and go. We leave next Tuesday morning! Only 5 more days to get ready. Like I said, I'm really excited to go to camp and spend the week with the girls but it will be nice to come home from work each day and be able to do what I want to do. David has been busy this summer doing yard projects. He is building a pathway on the side of our house so we don't have to walk through the dirt all the time. He only has about six more feet to go. I'll have to make sure that is on his to-do list while I am at camp. He has also been busy replacing sprinklers that the dogs chew up and break. If they find one that is still sticking up out of the ground they will chew it off and then we have a geyser next time the sprinklers come on. So we decided to replace the broken ones with new metal sprinkler heads. Lets hope they can't chew these to pieces. Oh the joys of dogs!!
Josie-6 months old. I think she was getting ready to pounce on Sammy in this picture. Sammy posing for the camera. Sammy and Josie have become best friends and neither of them know what to do without each other.
Anyways, there is a quick update on our lives. I will post more after girls camp!