Friday, September 27, 2013

When a Tree Falls in the Forest

      We had a bit of a surprise Sunday evening.  It was about 8:30 and we were just relaxing and getting ready to put Adilynne down for bed when we heard a loud crashing noise.  To me it sounded like Sammy had ran against the door coming from the garage into the house.  It scared the begibbees out of David and I.  We both jumped up which then scared Adilynne and she was screaming.  David opened the door to see if something had fallen in the garage and both of the dogs were looking out the dog door.  David went to the laundry room and looked out the window and saw that a tree had fallen in the back yard.  We put on our shoes and headed outside to see if there was any damage.  From where the tree fell it probably should have fallen on the back patio or the house.  We were very blessed that it didn't.  The only thing that it did to the house was dent the rain gutter a little bit.  
On the right side you can see where it broke then fell the other way.  This is what kept it from hitting the house worse than it did.
View from the upstairs window.  It was a tall tree!  Where it broke off was 20-25 feet up from the ground.  The trees in Washington are crazy tall!

One of our neighbors has warned us about the wind storms that we get here in the fall.  He said that they usually sit in their house with hard hats on when the wind blows because they have had a tree go through their roof before.  We kind of just thought he was crazy but now...not so much.  Having this tree fall makes me a little nervous because it really wasn't very windy Sunday night, just a little breezy.  It is supposed to be windy again this weekend so hopefully we won't repeat this. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun Pictures

     Here are some fun pictures from the past few weeks.  Enjoy!
Adilynne loves to sit in the big chairs and look at books.  This is a common sight daily.
  Adilynne figured out that there are buttons on her swing and she loves to push them and turn on the music and dance to it.
Eating a sucker after her 1 year check-up.
We had lily plants in our yard this summer that were taller than me!  Lily flowers are my favorite so I was pretty excited to find out that they were in our yard.
Cute girl!
Looking at books with dad.
 This girl loves to swing and go down the slide.
 Playing with her bib.
 Swimming in her pool.
 Cruising around the yard.
     We have enjoyed our summer and we aren't ready for it to end yet!


     This summer we have spent quite a few weekends hiking and exploring new places.  We found a really neat place by the river that not a lot of other people know about.  There is a nice beach with a shallow area and you can cross some rocks and get over to the main river.  When Sean and Alison came to visit us for Labor Day weekend we took them there and the guys fished, the kids swam and later we started a campfire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.  It was a lot of fun.

 The first time we found this area Adilynne got right in the water.  We weren't planning on her swimming so she had no swim suit.  Luckily I had brought some extra diapers with us so she got carried out with a diaper and a shirt.  She loved it!

Whitnee, Adilynne, Alison and Garrett
Adilynne and Garrett
David and Sean fly fishing
Playing in the sand.

Adilynne and Garrett were exhausted and they both slept on the hike out.

Jetty Island

     On Friday August 23 our ward had a combined Young Women and Young Men activity at Jetty Island.  The Bishop approved having the leader's families go so the 3 of us headed out to a new destination.  It was a lot of fun and Adilynne loved it.  We were really surprised that she got in the water and played in the sand. 

     The island is man-made with lots of soft sand and has really shallow water quite a ways out into the Puget Sound.  It is definitely on our list of things to do next summer. 

Adilynne's 1 Year Old Photos

     I'm a little behind on my blogging for the past few months.  We are just busy trying to soak up all the sunny, nice days that we have left before the rainy season starts.  Here are the pictures from Adilynne's 1 year old photo shoot.  We think they turned out pretty cute!

     We love this beautiful little girl and can't get enough of her!  Here is what she is up to now...
  • At her 1 year check-up she weighed 21 lbs. 4 oz. (65%), was 31 inches tall (91%), and her head was 38%.
  • She is a full time walker.  She is getting really fast too.  Pretty soon she will be running everywhere.
  • Her lower central incisors have finally popped through.  I can't wait to get a picture with her big smile with them when they come up a little farther. 
  • She knows how to wave.
  • She can point to mine or David's nose when we ask her to.
  • She knows where her belly button is.  It is super cute to see her pull up her shirt and point to it. 
  • She loves to play on the slide.  Just about every time we go outside she starts her mad dash to the swing set.