Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's Been Happening Lately

So it's been a while since I updated our blog so I better catch up on whats been happening in our lives lately. We've both been busy with work, as usual, and David has been going crazy with school. He's counting down the days till this semester is over. Spring break was two weeks ago and we loved every minute of it. We were able to spend the evenings together, which right now with David's night classes we don't see each other till about eight o'clock. During spring break week we were finally able to get the gates put up on the east side of our yard to keep our two fun loving puppies inside the yard. Sammy loves to wonder off and meet new people and see new things so this new addition to the yard wasn't really welcomed by her and she found another way out of the yard within a few days. Gotta love the curiosity of a dog.

The next week it was back to school and our usual routines. Tuesday night we were invited to go snowmobiling with a group of friends and family on Saturday and we were both looking forward to that. Thursday David's boss came to him and of course, because we had something planned, he asked him to work on Saturday. I wasn't very happy to miss out on the snowmobiling day but by Friday afternoon David had talked me into going anyway and riding the snowmobile by myself. I was very excited to go snowmobiling for the first time this year but nervous at the same time to be maneuvering the big, heavy M8 on my own without David there to help me if I needed it. I knew that the other guys who were going would take good care of me so I figured I would be okay to go. I had so much fun and did a lot better on the snowmobile in the powder by myself than I thought I would. I was definitely sore afterwords! I thought I wouldn't be able to move my arms for a week but after a few days my arms and shoulders were back to normal. Thats a glimpse of our lives during the past few weeks and hopefully I will keep the blog more up to date now.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Acceptance Letter

Last Thursday (March 11) I finally received the letter that I have been waiting to receive for the past four years. I have been accepted to the Weber State University Dental Hygiene program! I am so excited to start school in August. I know it will be tough but I am ready for it. On April 5 they are having a welcome celebration and I can't wait to go and meet the students who I will basically be spending the next 2 years of my life with. Besides this news David and I haven't had too much else going on. David is on spring break this week and we have been enjoying the time that we are able to spend together after work.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Dental Hygiene Interview

At the end of January I turned in my application for the dental hygiene program at Weber State University for the fourth time. Since then I have been patiently waiting for the letter that tells me that I have been accepted for the graduating class of 2012. I thought that this would be easy this year and that I would be in the program for sure since I was an alternate for last year. At the end of February I received an email from the dental hygiene department that I had been selected to advance in the application process and that I needed to call and schedule an appointment for an interview on March 1, 3, or 5. I immediately had butterflies fill up my stomach. I didn't think that they still did interviews for applicants, I thought it was all based on points. I got on the phone and scheduled my interview for Wednesday March 3. I had a week and a half to wait and worry about it. The day finally came and as I got ready to leave work early for my interview I again got butterflies and I couldn't keep my hands still, they were shaking because I was nervous. By the time I had gotten home and changed my cloths and was backing out the driveway to go to my interview I had calmed down. I got to the school and had to walk what felt like five miles in high heels up hill to get to the dental hygiene department. When I went inside there were three girls there to greet me. They introduced themselves and told me that they were first year students in the dental hygiene program. They got me checked in and then took me on a tour. I have been wanting to see the dental hygiene area and the operatories for a long time and it was so much fun to see where I will be spending all my time for two years. When the tour was over they took me back to the area where they were having the interviews and I had to sit and wait for them to call my name. After a few mintues of sitting there trying to stay calm a lady came out and called my name. She took me into a room where there were three other people sitting at a table. They introduced themselves to me and told me what to expect during the interview. They each asked me one question, I only remember three of them but here is what they were and what I answered (the best that I can remember). Q. What has made you want to be a dental hygienist? A. I have wanted to go into dentistry since the first time I went to the dentist when I was little. Dental hygiene has always intrigued me and I enjoy helping people. Q. Why do you think that you would be a good addition to the dental hygiene program? A. Like I said earlier being a dental hygienist has always been a goal of mine and I feel that I am very motivated because of this desire. I have found that while working at a dental office for the past three years as the hygiene assistant I really do love the job and love helping people. Q. If I was asked to do something by a supervisor that wasn't the way I would do it what would I do? A. I face this kind of situation a lot in the office that I work in now. I always will go and try to accomplish the task the way that she has asked me but if I know of a way that is more efficient I will go to her and discuss why I think we should do it the other way and try to come to a compromise between the two of us. After I gave this answer the same lady asked me what would I do if I was asked to do something that was unethical. This is where I really got uncomfortable. I answered by saying I wouldn't even try and they all kind of snickered at me and the lady said "You wouldn't even try?!" like I was crazy. This is where I thought the interview went all down hill. I explained myself and told them that I want to always be ethical. I told them that I would go to that person and explain why I wouldn't do what they had asked me to do because I believed that it was unethical and try and find a way to complete the task in a way that is ethical. After this they asked if I had any questions for them and they told me that they will be sending out the final letters next week. When I walked out of the office and started making my way out of the building I was fighting back tears. When they laughed at me I was crushed. I thought that I had totally blown the interview. As I thought about the questions and how I answered later on through the night I started feeling better about the interview and I think that I did do a great job, I just hope that it was good enough. I can't wait another year to start the dental hygiene program. I want to get on with my life. Now I just need to wait another week and a half or two to find out. Wish me luck!!!