Saturday, February 27, 2010

So I finally gave in and created a blog. I decided that I really wanted to start journaling and keeping track of all the crazy adventures in our lives. What a crazy time it is. I feel like I never have time anymore to just sit down and relax. Life is good though. David is in the middle of the spring semester at Weber State and is looking forward to when this semester is over. So am I so I can have my husband back. With his crazy school and work schedules and homework on top of all that I feel like we never see each other. On Saturdays this winter he has enjoyed going snowmobiling with his dad and bother and some friends. This helps him release all the stress from the week and he comes home much happier, except a few weeks ago when we blew up the engine in his snomobile. More money! It seems that no matter how hard we try to save our money something like this happens. I guess thats just the way life works. As for me I have been busy with my calling as the Girls Camp Director for our ward camp this summer. So far I have really enjoyed this calling and I look forward to camp in July. I loved going to girls camp when I was in Young Womens and now I get to go again, only I am in charge and that kind of scares me. Hopefully everything will work out. Besides that and my Primary Secretary calling I haven't really done too much this winter. I am definitely looking forward to spring and warmer weather so I can go outside.