Monday, February 21, 2011

David's Version of Mad

     The following story happened a few months ago and I forgot to blog about it.  We were talking and laughing about it last night and I remembered that I needed to write about this moment so we can always remember it. 
     Ever since it has gotten cold during the nights we have been bringing the dogs into the gargage to sleep at night.  We usually don't lock them in their bed because they have learned that they better not chew on anything in the garage or they will face the wrath of dad, aka David.  For some reason Josie can't make it through the night very often without having to go to the bathroom.  Since we leave the door of their bed open she just goes in the garage by the garage door and we just have to clean it up in the morning.  Thats not very fun but better to clean it up there than in their bed.  Well one morning we woke up and there was dog poop by the door as usual.  We were both running late for school so we just left it and I told him I would get it when I got home from school later that afternoon. 
     Well I kind of forgot to clean it up when I got home that afternoon.  Oops.  David came home from work and we ate dinner and then decided to go somewhere for the evening.  We were going to take the 4 Runner so we walked through the garage to go outside.  Of course right at that moment I remembered I hadn't cleaned up the poop.  I was about to warn David but figured he would be able to see it and he would remember it was there.  We proceeded outside and then David realized there was something squishy on the bottom of his shoe.  Big oops!  I expected him to blow up and get mad but all he said was, "Woogams, I am not happy about this."  I couldn't help but laugh.  He was trying to be so serious and all I do is laugh at what he says.  Of course he started laughing too. 
     Ever since this moment I have been trying to keep my mad moments calm like he did.  He is pretty good at letting me know he is not happy but he still stays pretty calm.  Me on the other hand, usually totally blows up at him.  Whenever I get mad now I just remember that I want to stay calm like he did during this instance and it just makes me laugh and everything is a lot better. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

     I had so much fun with Valentine's Day prepartations this year.  A few weeks ago I found an article on the internet that had seven activities/surprises to do the week before Valentine's Day.  Since I wasn't going to be home during the week for the evenings due to work I decided to choose 4 of the surprises.  It was so much fun and inexpensive. 
     Friday morning while David was in the shower I went out to his car and put two of his favorite candies in there with a note that said "Somethin Sweet for My Sweetie."  When he got to work he sent me a sweet text saying that he appreciated that act.  Later that day he also called me to thank me.  I love how such small and simple acts can make someone's day.  It made my day and I was the one giving the surprise. 
     Saturday morning when David got up and went to the kitchen there was another surprise note inviting him to a night of playing the Wii Fit, with a few different rules than normal.  During the day we went snowmobiling with our families.  To my surprise my parents bought 2 snowmobiles last week and surprised us Saturday morning as we were leaving.  It was so much fun to go snowmobiling with my parents and my in-laws.  It was a warm and sunny day.  Those are my favorite days to go snowmobiling.  I don't have any pictures because our camera batteries died as soon as I took it out, of course.  When we got home from snowmobiling we got everyting cleaned up and showered and cooked a yummy steak dinner.  We ended up asleep on the couch by about 9:00.  We are big partiers as you can tell.  :)
     Sunday morning there was another note on the kitchen table inviting David to a game later in the day.  Sunday was pretty low key, we just went to church and our meetings then did homework and got ready for school for the week.
     Monday mornings I don't have to be to school until about 12:00.  While David was in the shower I went out to his car and used window paints to decorate.  I wrote "Love You," "Kiss Me," "Hot Stuff," "Be Mine," and drew hearts all over the windows.  Of course I couldn't leave the inside undisturbed so I put some confetti on the driver and passenger seats with a note wishing him Happy Valentine's Day.  Then I got back in bed to read until he was ready to leave.  When he left I was peeking out the bedroom blinds to see his reaction.  He stopped in the middle of the driveway and was shaking his head.  I could hear what he was saying even with the windows closed.  He wasn't very happy about it, and then he opened the door and saw the confetti..."No, not inside!"  I was busting up.  He ended up coming back in the house and one of the first things that he said was, "You want me to drive that to work today?"  I just laughed and said "Yup, you aren't taking my car."  What he said next was the best..."Everyone at work will make fun of me!"  HAHAHA.  So I replied, "Well, tell them that your wife loves you and likes to embarass you."  After a few more comments about embarassment he left for work.  Thats when I really got busy. 
     I started to prepare our dinner for that evening.  We only have about a half hour that we are home together before David has to leave for his night class so I needed to have something prepared that I could just put in the oven for a half hour as soon as I got home from school.  I made stuffed jumbo pasta shells and then headed to the grocery store to pick up some salad and sparkling cidar.  When I got home from that I hurried and got the table all set and decorated then headed to school for the afternoon. 

 I should have taken a picture of the table right before we ate but I didn't even think of that.
       When David got home from work he was pretty surprised to see the table all decorated and candles lit.  He even brought me home a bouquet of one dozen hot pink roses.  I didn't even have to beg him to get me flowers this year.  After dinner David left for school and I cleaned up the dinner mess and started homework.  When David got home from school we had to go to the grocery store to get some things that he needed for the Blue and Gold Banquet the next night, made a cake, did homework, and went to bed.  
     It was so much fun to celebrate the fun and romance of Valentine's Day for the whole weekend.    

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happily Ever Afters

     So it's been quite a while since I updated our blog.  I started a blog because I wanted to be better about keeping a journal and a history of everything that happens in our lives.  Well, I haven't done too good at that.  It's kind of hard when it seems like all we ever do anymore is wake up, go to school and work, and then come home and go to bed.  That doesn't leave too much to write about.  Of course there are always little things and quirks throughout the week that I should write about so we can remember how goofy we are.  My goal: to post a new entry at least once a month, then get better from there. 
     Sometimes I have to tell myself that we are living our happily ever after right now at this point in our lives.  Like I mentioned earlier, it seems all we ever do is go to school and work and sleep.  I have to find the good and the fun during this time in our marriage.  Yes, it's not the most fun thing to do but someday we will look back and think that was a good time in our marriage.  I know that we have grown closer to each other during the last six months since both of us have been going to school full time.  We look forward to having two or three hours to spend with each other, not that we didn't before we were in school, but it is a more special time now because it doesn't happen often. 
     We have been trying to have more date nights now, which is something that I hope to continue even after school.  With my schedule at work I ususally have to work at least a Friday or Saturday night so whichever night I have off we try to do something a little more special than normal.  Even if the special part is just making a smoothie and watching a movie together.  We have been putting more thoughts into our weekends together.  This last Saturday we went mini golfing together then went to the grocery store and bought some fresh salsa and chips and went home and watched a movie and munched on our chips and salsa.  YUMMY!
     Last Wednesday, February 2, 2011, Bryce and Audrey got married.  
     We are so excited for them.  This marriage was meant to be.  The two of them are so happy together and glow when they are with each other.  It was such a beautiful wedding.  Elder Zwick from the Quorum of the Seventy sealed them in the Bountiful temple.  It was so cold outside but there was a beautiful clear blue sky.  After a few pictures outside the temple with the families David and I headed down to Salt Lake to check in and decorate the room they were staying in that night.  We decorated with a bunch of rose petals all over the floor.  Hope you guys enjoyed it!  After that it was back to Bountiful for the wedding dinner and then the reception.  And with the reception came dancing!  It was so much fun to get out on the dance floor with David and have fun.  Thanks Bryce and Audrey for a great time.  Love you guys! 

I'm so excited to have another sister. 
Watch out, we are trouble when we are together!  :)

     And They Lived Happily Ever After