Tuesday, January 28, 2014

18 Months Old!

     Last Tuesday my little Adilynne turned 18 months old.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how much fun I have had with this little girl.  I'm so glad I get to be her momma.
This little girl loves to read books.  She is perfectly content to bring me book after book for 2 hours and have me read to her.

 Adilynne is really good at putting Mega Block pieces together.  It surprised me how quickly she picked up on it.
 Such a goof!

 She loves blankets!  I had to move all the blankets onto higher shelves in her closet because if I wasn't watching her she would have them all out and unfolded in no time.
 This is one of her favorite activities with dad.  Being pushed around in her wagon.

At 18 months Adilynne...
  • Weighs 25 pounds 4 ounces, 80%;  and is 33.75 inches tall, 95%.
  • Can say 15 words not counting the phrases that she says.
    • Hello, hi, ta-da, Gramma, da-da, bow, ball, more, mom, uh-oh, ouch, no, bear, Adi, yeah
  • Is starting to put together phrases.
    • All done!  All gone!  What's that?  I did it!
  • She is sorting things by color.
    • With her Mega Blocks she will stack all the yellow pieces, blue, green and red.
    • Today she got all of her white socks out of the drawer (I didn't ask her to do that)
    • She has 4 different colors of Play-doh and when she is done she puts them in the container and matches the colored lid with the right color of Play-doh.
  • She is starting to get picky about food.  We have to trick her a lot of the time by getting food on the utensil while she isn't looking and then pretending that we put food on it that she does like.  To get her to eat most veggies I have to do half the spoon with the veggie and half with cottage cheese. 
  • She figured out how to drink from a straw.
  • She has gone to Nursery for the past 2 weeks.  The first week the leaders told us she did really good but this past week she had a little harder time. They never came and got us so it couldn't have been that bad! 
  • One of her favorite things to do is be outside.  She loves to throw the balls for the dogs, go for walks, and play in the garage while dad cleans it. 
  • She runs almost everywhere now.  Cutest thing ever!
  • We are amazed at how much she can understand when we talk to her.
  • She knows where to put her dirty clothes and thinks it is so fun to put them in the hamper all by herself.  She even cleans up David's dirty clothes for him when he doesn't do it.
  • She loves life!
We love having Adilynne around and watching her grow and learn.  We love you Little One!

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  1. Oh, so sweet! We are also so glad to have Adilynne in our lives (even though she and you guys are so very far away). Miss and love you all so much! XOXOXOXOXOXO